The Library is open to the teaching staff and the students of the College, it shall remain open on all working days during the prescribed hours.

Silence and order must be observed in the Library.

Meals and refreshments must not be allowed in the Library.

Books and journals would be given to the students for study in the Library only on deposition of their identity cards. These would be returned after the books and journals have been deposited.

Students are not allowed to take books outside the Library / unless these are issued in their name.

Normally two books can be issued at a time to the teaching staff.

Heads of Departments and Professors are privileged to take more than two books of their subjects at a time.

Books are issued to the students for two weeks only but may be issued for a whole academic session.

Books required in the Library for checking, stock taking etc, must be promptly returned on receipt of a notice from the Librarian.

Books in possession of any staff member must be returned on receipt of a notice from the Librarian.

The Book card placed in the pocket at the end of the Book must be delivered to the Librarian after signature before the book is taken out.

Every consultant borrower before leaving the Library shall return the book consulted to the Librarian on the duty and shall ensure that the book card is properly marked with return entries.

Reference books and Books required for occasional reference such as Encyclopaedia, Dictionaries etc; and books of great value or rarity shall not be issued to any staff members, or students.

Video cassettes and CD shall not be issued to any staff member or student for taking outside library.





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