The minimum qualification for a candidate for admission to MBBS /BDS courses is the F.Sc.(Pre-Medical) from the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Balochistan, Quetta or any other recognized Board or University of Pakistan.

It shall be the responsibility of the candidate concerned to obtain and submit the equivalence certificate (issued by Chairman of I.B.C.C) Islamabad if he / she applies for admission on the basis of “G.C.E”, American / Canadian High School Examinations” or “A Level” etc.

Only those candidates will be eligible to apply for admission in MBBS /BDS courses who obtain 60% marks (unadjusted) in F.Sc. or equivalent examination.

(A) Every candidate has to appear in the entry test meant for admission in MBBS/BDS courses. Merit will be determined on the basis of combined marks of Matriculation, F.Sc. and Entry Test as per following weightage:


The following marks shall be deducted from the aggregate marks of the candidate:

a) Ten marks shall be deducted per year or part of a year if a candidate fails to pass or tries to improve Division in F.Sc examination in two years after passing the matriculation /F.Sc examination as the case may be.

b) Five marks per year shall be deducted if the candidate fails to get admission during the year he/she passed F.Sc examination. However, this condition does not apply in case of delay in admission caused by legal procedures resulting in Court decision favorable to a candidate originally rejected by the Selection Committee.

NOTE: In case a candidate does not clear F.Sc. examination or part of a year, beyond this period shall be treated his/her attempt for the purpose of deduction irrespective of his/her having not appeared in the examination in such year.

In case the adjusted marks of two or more candidates are equal, the candidate securing higher marks in the entry test shall be ranked higher on merit for the purpose of admission. If the marks of the entry test are also equal, then the candidate securing higher marks in F.Sc. will be ranked higher on merit. If both are equal then the age will be considered at the time of submission of form.

At the time of submission of admission forms the candidates shall submit, interialia, a copy of his / her Local / Domicile Certificate issued by the concerned authorities of the respective district. In case, the candidate dos not possess his / her / Local / Domicile Certificate, he / she shall submit a copy of his / her Father / Mother Local / Domicile Certificate recorded his / her (candidate’s) name thereon.

A candidate or his/her father/mother (as the case may be), if found in possession of two local/domicile certificates during the course of admission process, shall not be considered for admission against any seat. Such cases can only be considered if the parents or the candidates submit an affidavit that one of the Local/Domicile Certificates had been cancelled before the date of application for admission. In case the candidate fails to mention or submit the affidavit, he/she shall not be considered for admission. The Selection Committee reserves the right of debarring such candidates for a period not exceeding 3 academic sessions.

The Selection Committee on the basis of the documents attached with the application form shall be competent to decide as to whether the candidate actually belongs to district/ agency against which he / she has applied. The candidate shall be bound to abide by the decision of the Selection Committee.

If at any stage, it is proved that any candidate has been admitted on the basis of false/incorrect documents or information, his/her admission shall be cancelled and all fees paid shall be forfeited immediately by the Principal, and the candidate concerned shall be debarred from admission in the college for three academic sessions.

If at any stage it is proved that any candidate has been admitted against the rules of admission, his/her admission shall be cancelled.

If a candidate has once been admitted to Veterinary, Engineering, Forestry, Agriculture, or any other professional graduation course against the Government reserved seats, he/ she shall not be eligible to seek admission in MBBS or BDS course, whether the nominee being nominated by Government or by the authorities of institute concerned on their own level.

(a) No candidate once selected by the Selection Committee, shall be admitted to Bolan Medical College, Quetta if they do not report for admission within 30 days from the date of announcement of final result and their admission shall, stand cancelled. These seats shall be given to the next eligible candidate on the merit list through the Selection Committee.
(b) It is mandatory for all medical students to get himself / herself registered with PM&DC as a medical student within 03 months from the commencement of Academic Session. After (03) three months the College shall not be responsible for any consequences.

Candidate once selected for admission if, on his own leaves to join another institution after 30 days of start of the academic session shall have to pay Rs. 2, 00,000/- as fine to Bolan Medical College, and the seat so vacated shall be filled from next waiting candidate on merit through the Selection Committee to be filled within 45 days from the commencement of the academic Session.

The recommendation of the First meeting of the Selection Committee is to be submitted to the competent Authority for its approval. The Selection Committee shall be bound to take final decision in all disputed cases within 30 days of the first Selection Committee meeting. However, all other recommendations regarding disputed cases, waiting candidates, allotment of the unfilled seats of foreign national Punjab and Sindh (reciprocal), verification of local/domicile certificates, disability cases etc. will be final and decision on such issues of the Selection Committee needs no further approval.

A candidate who does not take admission in the Medical College even after his/her selection by the Selection Committee in that particular year, shall not be admitted in the Medical College during the subsequent year on the basis of his/her previous selection. He/she shall have to undergo all the process and complete all the formalities during the subsequent year as required by a fresh candidate and he/she shall only be granted admission after selection by the Selection Committee.

A candidate who has passed matriculation and F.Sc. from other provinces and fails to satisfy the Selection Committee about reasons beyond his/her control for not studying in Balochistan shall be ineligible. It shall be the responsibility of the candidates to provide documentary evidence/proof of reasons for studying outside the Province. Simple statement for better education shall not be acceptable to the Selection Committee.

EXPLANATION: The applicability of the contents of para shall be exercised with caution, since the said para is intended only to hamper those candidates who are exclusively settled / belong to other Provinces but they want to get the medical seats on the basis of Domicile / Local certificate obtained by whatever sources by such candidate.

If as a result of judgment of the Honourable High Court / Supreme Court of Pakistan any candidate is given admission in MBBS/BDS course, he/she would be accommodated in place of defeated candidate who shall resultantly stand unseated. The Principal Bolan Medical College shall be competent to oust such candidate on the basis of said judgment without any show cause notice.

Application for admission alongwith attested photo copies of documents submitted by the candidates shall not be returned.

However if he/ she selected in any other Medical Institution and leaves the college he /she has to pay Rs. 2,00,000/- as a fine.

The Government of Balochistan reserves the right of making any addition, alteration or amendment in the admission policy / prospectus and the application forms etc. at any time.




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