The selection of candidates for admission to 1st year MBBS/BDS courses shall be made by the Selection Committee consisting of the following members:

1. Chairman
Balochistan Public Service Chairman.
Commission, Quetta.

2. Secretary, Member.
Government of Balochistan,
Health Department, Quetta

3. Secretary, Member.
Government of Balochistan,
Law Department, Quetta

4. Secretary, Member.
Government of Balochistan,
Education Department, Quetta

5. Principal, Member cum Secretary
Bolan Medical College,

6. Deputy Commissioner
of the concerned Member.

Due to exigencies of service a member may nominate his representative not below the rank of additional secretary to attend selection committee meeting on his behalf in writing. It shall be the responsibility of member –cum-secretary (Principal BMC Quetta) to ensure that all members and candidates are informed about time and place of selection committee meeting.

The meetings of the Selection Committee shall be held at where ever convenient to the Selection Committee, to interview the candidates.

The physical presence of the candidate is must/compulsory at the place, date and time of interview.

The quorum of the meetings of the Selection Committee shall be Three (3). The meeting of the Committee shall be presided over by the Chairman and in his absence by the Secretary Government of Balochistan Health Department.

The right of dissent vote in the event of difference of the opinion shall be exercised only by the members of the Selection Committee.

The decision of the Selection Committee shall be submitted to the Government for the final approval, which shall include the dissenting note, if any, made by any member or Chairman of the Committee.

No provisional admission shall be granted to any candidate.

No candidate shall be given admission if he/she has not been recommended by the Selection Committee.

The Principal BMC, Member-cum-Secretary will submit list of selected candidates to Secretary Health Department for final approval of the competent authority.

The candidate seeking admission to Bolan Medical College shall have to produce before the selection committee a Local/ Domicile certificate issued by the concerned authorities / District Administrative officer of the respective district.

The Selection Committee shall have the right to verify any documents etc submitted by the candidates through any department concerned to satisfy the genuineness of the matter prior to finalization of its recommendations.






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